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| Griffith Polymers, Inc. | Tualatin, OR

Cast to Last

Griffith Polymers, Inc. is well known throughout the industry for a diverse line of quality polyurethane products ranging from gram-size seals to Griffith’s own Big Dipper fire fighting bucket weighing several hundred pounds. Custom urethane elastomer products are also produced for a wide cross-section of industries including agriculture, aircraft, automotive (trucking), electronics, lumber (plywood), oil field specialties, metal forming, mining , pulp and paper and sporting equipment.

Open cast molded polyurethane components are produced at Griffith Polymers in quantities ranging from ”1” to infinity. Some of the most popular molded products include:

 Metal forming pads Couplings
 Wire guide rolls Wheels
 Bumpers Oil Seals
 Sheave Liners Drive Rolls
 Gaskets Bivi-Tec / Shaker Screens
 Mounts Impact Pads
 Bushings Cams
 Pinch Rolls Cutting Surfaces
 Impellers Hopper Liners
 Stripper Pads Bearings
 Gears Diaphrams
 Mallet Heads Chute Liners
 Feed Screw Covers Scraper Blades


The world class state-of-the-art production facility is fully equipped to carry your concept from prototype to full production.